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Accessibility Training Handouts and Resources

Fundamentals of Digital Accessibility (FunDAI) Resources

Creating Accessible Documents in Word

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Five Easy Ways to Make Your Classes More Accessible

Digital Accessibility Checklist

Understanding Accommodation and Accessibility

  • What are the differences between accommodation and digital accessibility?
  • How do accommodations and digital accessibility contribute to student success?

Video Transcript of Accessibility and Accommodation (text file)

Accessible Color and Contrast

  • What options for accessible color contrast are available?
  • How is it possible to emphasize or convey information with color to those who are color-blind?

Video Transcript of Making Accessible Color Choices (text file)

Printable handout and resources:

Creating Structure for Easier Navigation

  • How does structure make your content easier for students to navigate?
  • How do you structure content with heading styles and lists?

Video Transcript of Understanding Content Structure (text file)

Video Transcript of Structuring an Accessible PowerPoint Presentation (text file)

Printable handout:

Making Images Accessible

  • What is alternative text?
  • How do you compose useful text representations of images?

Video Transcript of Understanding Alt Text (text file)

Printable handout and resources:

Accessible Multimedia

  • What are captions and transcripts?
  • How do captions and transcripts ensure your video and/or audio content is available to all of your students?

Video Transcript of Using Transcripts and Captions in Videos (text file)

Printable handout and resources: