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Archived: May 19, 2021

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Meetings (Web Conferencing)

Meetings (BigBlueButton) is a web conferencing tool available in Sakai that allows you to communicate with your students remotely. You can display presentations, use a white board, use audio and/or a webcam, chat with your students, add polls, and share your desktop. Meetings is a synchronous tool, which means users have to be online at the same time to interact. You can record your Meetings, and students can view the recordings in Sakai.

Quick Start for Instructors

To learn to use the Meetings tool, watch the training video and read the handout (pdf) below:

Resources for holding online meetings with students

Learn More about Meetings

For instructors who want a deeper dive, the handouts and video below cover all Meetings features in detail:

  • Create a Meeting Handout (PDF)
    • Note: When you create a meeting, IF you check beside Update participants, AND check the box beside Attach iCalender:
      • You may get an error message. Disregard it! The Meeting WILL be created AND an email reminder WILL be sent to the Meeting participants.
      • There is an error with the iCalendar creation. The Sakai Community is working on the issue.

Instructions for Students

Meetings Tool Requirements

  • Recommended Browsers
    • Desktop/Laptop: Chrome or Firefox
    • Mobile iOS (12.2+): Safari Mobile
    • Mobile Android (6.0+): Chrome Mobile
    • (IE and EDGE browsers are not supported.)
  • Microphone
    • Instructors: Microphone is required. A headset is recommended.
    • Students: Microphone not required unless specified by your instructor. As an alternative, you can type in the Chat area or dial in using the phone number provided in the meeting.
    • Audio Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Webcam is optional.

More Details on Meetings

Meetings Basic Features

For most of your meetings, you'll want to see who has arrived at the meeting, by viewing the User area; and you'll want to upload and display your presentation. If any of your students wants to "Listen only" or does not have a headset or speakers, you can communicate with each other by using the Chat box. If you want to record and share your Meeting, you have many options, provided you set up your meeting with the "Recording" feature.

Meetings Intermediate Features

Sometimes, you may want to use the whiteboard features, to draw on your presentation. Some instructors like to share their webcam with their students, and/or want their students to share their webcams, too. You may want to make a student a presenter, to give a report or oral presentation. Also, it can be helpful to use a different layout to emphasize different Meetings features.

Meetings Advanced Interactive Features

We strongly suggest that you practice these features before your meeting. You can provide ad-hoc polls, or update your presentation, to generate polls during your presentation. If you need to demonstrate an application, such as Word, Excel, or review content on a web site, you can share your screen with your students.

  • Polls: You can create slides that generate polls or create polls on the fly during the meeting.
    • If you're creating a poll "on the fly": Below the Presentation area; click on the plus icon, then select "Start a Poll".
    • Otherwise, before your meeting, you can create PowerPoint slides with Multiple Choice questions/answers (or True/False or Yes/No questions/answers).
      • Here are a number of screen shots showing how to add slides that generate "automatic" polling at your Meeting.
      • When a slide contains a "poll" question/answers you've set up, at the bottom of the Presentation area, next to the plus icon, you'll see the Polling icon you can click on to start your poll.
  • Screen sharing:: Find out how to Share your Screen during a Meeting

If you want to divide your students into separate groups during your Meeting, you can use the Breakout Rooms feature. Students can create shared notes and download the notes for later use. You can also share a video with your students!