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What is Proctorio and how does it work?

Proctorio is an online, automated proctoring system integrated into Sakai. Durham Tech instructors may choose to use Proctorio in online or hybrid/blended classes for assessments delivered within Sakai.

How does it work?

  • Before the class begins, the instructor must submit a request form to have Proctorio set up in their Sakai site(s). Then, the instructor can enable Proctorio on particular exams in Tests & Quizzes.
  • When a student takes an exam that requires Proctorio, Proctorio records the student (via webcam) and their computer screen while they are taking the exam.
  • During the exam, Proctorio also limits the student's ability to access other resources and to share exam content with others.
  • After the exam, Proctorio's automated software analyzes each student's recorded test session and flags any suspicious activity for the instructor to review. Only the instructor (and their supervisor or Sakai support staff, if needed) can view recordings.

Webinar recording

For an in-depth overview of Proctorio -- including a demo of the student and instructor experience -- view the recording below:

You must be signed in to Durham Tech's Office 365 to view the video.

Considerations and requirements

Please review and consider the items below before requesting to use Proctorio.

  • Proctorio is intended to be used for online and hybrid/blended classes only and for remote assessment (not face-to-face).
  • Proctorio is supported for assessments delivered through Sakai Tests & Quizzes. At this time, it is not supported for assessments on third-party platforms, such as publisher platforms.
  • Proctorio does not detect and identify instances of "cheating". It is the instructor's responsibility to analyze the Proctorio Exam Results and make any judgments. Instructors report spending 15 - 60 minutes per exam reviewing Proctorio results for the class.

Equipment and software required for students

Your students will need the following in order to take tests that use Proctorio:

  • Laptop or desktop computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux, or Chromebook) - Students cannot use a smartphone or tablet.
  • Webcam and microphone
  • Google Chrome browser - Chrome is the only supported browser for using Proctorio on Sakai - download Chrome browser
  • Proctorio extension for Chrome - download free Proctorio extension
  • A stable internet connection

If your students do not have access to the required equipment:

  • Loaner laptops (Chromebooks) are available for students taking classes that use Proctorio who do not have the required equipment.
  • Laptops may be checked out for the whole semester.
  • Students must submit Durham Tech's Computer Request Form to request a loaner laptop for proctored online testing.

Syllabus statement

Add the statement linked below, or one similar, to your syllabus to alert students that Proctorio will be used and to let them know the specific equipment they will need.

Practice test

A week or two before the first proctored exam, be sure to provide a no-stakes practice test with Proctorio enabled and require all students to take it. This will allow students to install the Proctorio extension, resolve any technical difficulties, and familiarize themselves with the tool.

How to request Proctorio for your classes

Submit the form below before your class begins to have Proctorio set up and available in your Sakai site(s).

Proctorio Request Form

Please submit at least one week before your class begins

How to use Proctorio

Proctorio User Guide for Instructors

You must be signed in to Durham Tech's Office 365 to access the user guide

NOTE: Instructors are also strongly encouraged to read the Proctorio for Students page to understand the student experience and to be aware of support resources available for students.

Technical support

For instructors: Proctorio's support documentation is available through the Proctorio Gradebook, accessed through Sakai. Instructors may also contact for assistance.

For students: Proctorio provides 24/7 direct support for students via chat or email. See Proctorio for Students: Technical Support for details.

Privacy and data security

Proctorio has built-in protections to ensure privacy and security of student data.

For details, see these sections on Durham Tech's Proctorio for Students page:


There may be limitations in Proctorio’s accessibility for students who utilize screen readers and/or keyboard navigation. If your students have concerns about their ability to use Proctorio, please direct them to contact Durham Tech's Accessibility Services office well ahead of any exams to discuss accommodations.

See Proctorio's accessibility statement