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What is Sakai?


Sakai is Durham Tech’s new system for accessing course materials online. Sakai is similar in many ways to Blackboard but offers an updated interface and new tools for collaboration and learning.

Sakai will replace Blackboard at Durham Tech by December 2013. Until then, as we phase in Sakai, some of your courses may use Sakai and others may use Blackboard. If you don’t see all of your courses on Sakai or on Blackboard – don’t panic! Check with your instructor to find out which system he or she is using for your course.

Find out your user id, how to login, access your classes, and more...

Find out how to use forums and topics, how to start a new conversation (create a post), reply to posts, work with email, and more...

Tips for saving documents and sending them to your instructor

Tips for accessing, saving and printing presentations posted in Sakai

Tips for resolving and avoiding problems with online tests

Get help with Sakai

Info about student services at Durham Tech including: computer labs, Center for Academic Excellence, tutoring, bookstore, library, and more...