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What is Sakai 19?

Sakai 19 is a new version of Sakai released in Spring 2019.

When did Durham Tech upgrade to Sakai 19?

Durham Tech upgraded to Sakai 19 on May 8, 2019.

What's new and different in Sakai 19?

Sakai 19 has a few interface updates.

  • The menus and tool icons are smaller.
  • After you logon to Sakai, new course sites should be automatically added as "favorites"; new sites will display across the top of your Sakai page.
  • The "View Site As [Student]" drop-down has moved. It is now located top right next to the Sites link

Rubrics Tool

  • You can create rubrics with Sakai 19's new Rubrics tool.
  • Note: Please review Rubrics issues and workarounds.. In our Sakai Resolved Issues area, we'll let you know when issues are fixed.
    • You can add Sakai Rubrics to Gradebook items, Assignments, Forums, and a few Tests & Quizzes question types.
      • Rubrics can be attached to three Test question types: Short Answer/Essay, File Upload, and Student Audio Response.
      • Note: If you attach a rubric to a graded Forum Topic, your students will NOT be able to see the Rubric, like they can with the Gradebook, Assignments, and Tests & Quizzes.
    • Here are selected clips from a Rubrics Tool demonstration session, from the November,2018 Sakai Virtual Conference
      • Rubrics: How to Create a Rubric video
      • Assignments: Attach a Rubric video
      • Assignments: Grade with a Rubric video
      • Forums: Attach a Rubric to a Forum Topic video
      • Gradebook: Attach a Rubric to a Gradebook item video
      • Tests & Quizzes: Attach a Rubric to a Short Answer/Essay Question video
    • How do students view their rubric feedback?

Rubric "basics" and example rubrics

Gradebook Classic is retiring; Hello, new Gradebook!

  • Since Spring 2017, our Sakai system has had two gradebooks: Gradebook Classic and a newer tool called simply Gradebook.
  • Starting in Fall 2019, Sakai will have just one Gradebook (the newer one).
    • The Gradebook will have a few updates in Sakai 19; it now has most of the Gradebook Classic features, plus more!
  • Is the new Gradebook new to you, or would you like tips on how to use the new Gradebook?
  • What new Gradebook features are available in Sakai 19?

Tests & Quizzes

  • Building assessments in Tests & Quizzes is very much the same, but has been streamlined and simplified.



  • The Assignments tool has a few new and updated features:
    • If an instructor enables the honor pledge, students see it (and must agree to it) when first accessing the assignment, instead of when submitting it
    • When creating a new assignment, same options are there but reordered a bit
    • New feature: When creating an Assignment, choose to send a reminder email 24 hours before the due date
      • Note: The reminders are being sent to only active students. In our Sakai Resolved Issues area, we've let you know the issue was fixed.
    • If you choose the Attachments Only submission type, students must upload a file.
      • Students won’t be able to post links (Google Docs can be updated after the assignment has been submitted.)

More Tool Updates

What stayed the same in Sakai 19?

Many functions are unchanged -- or nearly the same -- in the new version. The following tools have minimal changes in Sakai 19:

  • Announcements
  • Blogs
  • Drop Box
  • Email and Email Archive
  • Forums
  • Home/Site Overview
  • Resources

How does the Sakai 19 upgrade affect students?

Aside from the new look-and-feel, changes in functionality for students are minimal. Sakai Help for Students provides videos and support materials for students.