What's New in Sakai 11

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Durham Tech upgraded to Sakai 11 on December 19. This page provides an introduction to Sakai 11 for instructors.

Major changes

Sakai 11 has a new look-and-feel, designed to display well on mobile devices. Most of what you do in Sakai is the same, it just looks different.

The new design brings a few navigational changes, as demonstrated in the Welcome to Sakai 11 video.

The following tools have changed the most in Sakai 11. Follow the links to learn more:

Smaller changes

These tools work mostly the same in Sakai 11, but have a few changes and new features:

  • Tests & Quizzes has a new hot spot question type, and test Settings have been reorganized and streamlined.
  • Assignments has new group submission and peer review options. Also, navigation when grading assignments has changed a bit.
  • Resources now lets you drag-and-drop several files at a time to upload them.
  • In Site Info, two buttons have been renamed: Edit Tools is now Manage Tools, and Page Order is now Tool Order. Also, Import from Site now copies over content from your course home page and automatically adds tools to your site for you!
  • Roster looks a bit different and no longer displays students' email addresses. However, you can click Export to get a list of student email addresses.
  • Text Editor Toolbar contains new icons for recording short (3 min) audio clips and checking accessibility of content.

Minimal to no changes

The following tools have changed very little, if at all, in Sakai 11:

  • Announcements
  • Forums
  • Email/Email Archive
  • Blogs
  • Drop Box
  • Chat Room
  • Meetings