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How to Create Screen Shots

What are Screen Shots?

Why do instructors use Screen Shots?

  • Show a picture of a diagram or process and add it to Word, PowerPoint or Sakai
  • Provide a roadmap to a part of your course for your students
  • Show your students how to make screen shots, so they can show instead of tell you about a problem

Easiest Ways to Take a Screenshot using Microsoft Windows

How to Take a Screenshot using Mac OS

How to Take a Screenshot using iPhone and Android devices

How do you add a screen shot to Sakai?

There's many places you can add an image, such as in Lessons, the Syllabus or your course Home page. In Sakai, there are two ways an instructor can insert an image.

Method 1: Embed Image in Lessons
  • In Lessons, click Add Content, then Embed Content on Page
    • Click Choose Files or Browse, select the file, click Open
    • Click Save.
  • To add alternative text to your image:
    • Beside the embedded image, click on the Edit button
    • Beside Alt Text, replace the file name with what is important about the image
    • Alternatively, in the Item Description box, type in a long description for complex images(such as charts, graphs and diagrams) which will display below the image
    • Click Save
Method 2: Display an Image using the Text Editor toolbar (in Lessons)
  • In Lessons, click on Add Content, then Add Text
    • In the "Text Editor" displayed, click where you want the picture to display, then click on the image tool on the tool bar
      • In the Image Properties box, click on Browse Server
      • At the top, click on the Upload Files button, then drag and drop your file or click on the Select Files to Open button, find and click on your picture, click Open
      • Now that your file has been selected, in the lower right corner, click on the OK button
    • You'll now return to the Image Properties box:
      • In the Alternative Text box: type in what is important about the image
      • If needed, change the width (between 300 and 400); Click OK.
    • Below the Text Editor box, click Save

Use Jing to create Screenshots