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When adding images, you have to be careful about giving credit to the creator of images, unless an image is in the "public domain".

What is a Public Domain image?

  • An image that is not just available to the public, but belongs to the public.
  • It's been donated by the artist or its copyrights have expired or don't apply.
  • The image below was donated by the photographer to the public, no strings attached.


Where can I find Public Domain images?

What if I can't find a Public Domain image? Try Creative Commons

  • Creative Commons is an organization that created tools (licenses) for artists, musicians, graphic designers, film-makers, writers, and photographers to share their work.
  • Why is this important? We can use their work! And we can license our work, and our students can license their work.
  • When you find a Creative Commons image, you must give attribution, or credit, to the artist who created the image, plus they may ask that you follow other rules associated with their Creative Commons license.

Where can I find Creative Commons images, that already have the required attribution?

  • You can use photosforclass. Search for an image, download it, and it will generate a complete attribution and add it to your image, so you can use the image immediately. Your photo will include the following on it:
    • The name of the author
    • The name of the photo
    • A link to the original photo
    • The name and type of license along with a link to read it

How do you use Creative Commons?

Where can I find Creative Commons images, that I have to add attributions to myself?