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Delegated Access in Sakai for Academic Administrators

What is Delegated Access?

Delegated Access provides academic administrators with quick and easy access to Sakai sites for all courses they oversee. With a few clicks, program directors, chairs, and deans can access any site within their areas of supervision.

  • For curriculum courses, sites are available for 2018SU forward.
  • For Adult Ed/BSP courses, sites are available for 2018CE2 forward.
  • For continuing education courses, access is very limited at this time, due to the way courses are coded in Colleague.

Delegated Access provides “supervisor” access, which lets you do anything an instructor can do – e.g. post announcements, send emails, add/edit site content, check grades, view assignments, and so on.

  • Note: There is one exception: When you go into a course site using Delegated access, you can not see any posts in Forums. You can see all Forums and Topics that the instructor set up, but you cannot see any posts in them -- it will appear to you as if no one has posted, even if they have! If you need to view Forum posts in a course site, contact, and we will add your userid to the course site.

How do you get started?

Before you can use Delegated Access, you must make a one-time request to Sakai support staff, and we will assign your Sakai account to the area(s) you supervise.


NOTE: You need to request access just one time to get access to all sites from 2018SU forward. You do not have to request access each semester!

How do you use Delegated Access?

Once we've received your request and set up your access, a new Delegated Access button will appear on the menu on your Sakai HOME page (where you land after you log in).

Alt=At the top of the Sakai web page, the Home button displays by default; on the menu, the Delegated Access now displays

Need access to Sakai courses created before Summer 2018?

If you need supervisor access to a Sakai site created BEFORE Summer 2018, send the following information to

  • Semester (such as 2018SP)
  • Course information (such as ACA 122 190)