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What is myBrainshark?

myBrainshark is a free online tool that lets you…

  • upload PowerPoint presentations to the web
  • add audio narrations to each slide (using a microphone or telephone)
  • insert poll questions along the way for students to answer
  • and much more!

With myBrainshark, it's easy to make changes later, if you need to add, delete or rearrange slides, or re-record audio for certain slides.

How can I learn more and get started?

View the myBrainshark Quick Tour Demo (4 min video)

What do I need to use myBrainshark?

To create a narrated presentation with myBrainshark, you'll need...

  • a PowerPoint presentation that you’ve created (ending in .ppt, .pptx, or .odp)
  • Adobe Flash player installed on your computer
  • a microphone OR telephone for recording audio
  • computer speakers or headset

What will my students need to view my presentation?

Your students will need...

  • Adobe Flash player
  • computer speakers or headset

How do I upload a PowerPoint and add audio?

Each of these resources provides step-by-step instructions:

How do I make my presentation active?

In order for others to see your presentation, you must make it active. To do this:

  • Log in to myBrainshark. In the My Content area, click on one of your presentations.
  • On the next screen, to the right of the presentation is box labeled “What Can I Do Now?” At the bottom of this box you’ll find a link to make your presentation active (or inactive).

How do I put my Brainshark presentation in Sakai?

In Sakai, you can make a link to your Brainshark presentation or embed the presentation on a Lessons page.

OPTION 1: Make a link in Sakai to your myBrainshark presentation

First, get the web address for the presentation

  • Log in to myBrainshark.
  • In the My Content area, click on one of your presentations.
  • Below the presentation, click the option that says Embed/Link.
  • The web address of your presentation is displayed. Highlight the full address and copy it.

Next, you can put a link to your presentation in Resources, in Lessons, or almost anywhere else.

  • In Resources
    • In the Resources area of your course site, click Add to the right of any folder and choose Add Web Link.
    • In the Web Address box, paste the web address you copied from Brainshark.
    • In the Website Name box, type a name for the presentation that will appear to students.
  • In Lessons
    • On a Lessons page in Sakai, click Add Text.
    • In the text editor box, type some text that you want students to click on to access the presentation, then use your mouse to highlight the specific text that you want to make into a link.
    • In the text editor toolbar, click the Link icon (small globe with a link under it). In the URL box, paste the web address you copied from Brainshark. Click OK, then click Save.

OPTION 2: Embed your presentation in the Lessons

See these instructions: How to embed a myBrainshark presentation on a Lessons page

Where can I find more info on how to use myBrainshark?