How do I upload a video from my mobile device?

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Upload a Video from Your Mobile Device

  1. Use your mobile device’s camera to record a video.
  2. When you’re done recording, open your device’s web browser and go to:
  3. Tap the Durham Tech Account Login button, and sign in using your Durham Tech User ID and password (the same as you would use to log in to Sakai).
  4. Your Warpwire Media Libraries appear. Tap to select a library.
  5. Tap the plus (+) button and select Upload Files.
  6. Select your phone’s Photo or Video Library. Locate and tap to select the video you recorded.
  7. A dialog box appears. Tap the Title field to give your video a descriptive title, then tap the Start Uploading button.
  8. The video uploads and appears in your Media Library. You can now access the video in Sakai.