Get student name, submit date/time, and test score

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For each test, to get the student name, date/time submitted, and score, do the following (exports do not include date/times tests were submitted):

  1. In Firefox: In your class, go to Tests & Quizzes
  2. Beside the published test name (such as pre-test), in the drop box, click on Scores
  3. On the Total Scores page:
    • Starting with the first name, drag your cursor to highlight all students and their scores;
    • Right-click on the selected area and choose copy
  4. In a spreadsheet: Paste without formatting (or choose Paste Special, then choose Text only).

If needed: Repeat steps 1-5 for the other test (such as post-test or final test). You can calculate the time elapsed between the pre- and post/final tests.