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User Activity Event Descriptions

General events:

  • pres.begin: Student logged onto Sakai
  • content.read: Student viewed an image, instructions, or text
  • syllabus.read: View the syllabus

View and submit an Assignment:

  • asn.read.assignment: Student viewed the assignment instructions
  • content.new: Student typed in text or attached a file for an assignment
  • asn.submit.submission: Student submitted an assignment

View and post a Discussion response:

  • forums.read: Student viewed a post
  • forums.new and forums.response: Student submitted an initial post or posted a reply

Start and submit a Test:

  • sam.assessment.take or sam.assessment.take.via_url: Student started a test, but hasn't submitted it yet
  • sam.assessment.submit or sam.assessment.submit.via_url: Student submitted a test

View Lessons and Add/Update student pages:

  • lessonbuilder.read: View a Lesson page or subpage
  • lessonbuilder.create: Added content to a student page
  • lessonbuilder.update: Updated content on a student page

Other Activities:

  • bbb.join: Join a Meeting