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About email addresses in Sakai

Each student has an email address on file in Sakai, which was transferred from Durham Tech's official records system. Emails that your instructor sends you through Sakai will go to this address.

  • For students taking credit classes, your email address in Sakai is your Durham Tech ConnectMail address.
  • For students taking non-credit classes, your email address in Sakai is the personal email address you provided to Durham Tech when you registered.
    • Exception: If you are taking a non-credit class but at some point in the past you applied to a credit program or registered for a credit class, then you have a ConnectMail address and it will be used in Sakai. For more info, see Non-credit Students and ConnectMail (PDF).

How to verify your email address in Sakai

To see what email address Sakai has on file for you:

If your email address is missing or incorrect, follow the steps below to update it.

How to update your email address in Sakai

Students who are taking a non-credit course (and who do not have a Durham Tech ConnectMail address) can update their personal email address in Sakai by following these steps:

  • Visit
  • Sign in with your Durham Tech user name and password
    • Note: This is the same user name and password you use to log in to Sakai
  • Click your user name in the upper right and choose User Profile
  • Scroll down to the "Email Addresses" section.
    • If your personal email address is listed, you can click on the pencil icon beside it to update it, if needed.
    • If no personal email address is listed, click Add New Email to enter it.
      • IMPORTANT: Below your email address, be sure to set Type to PERSONAL.
      • Email addresses marked as "Secondary" are not sent to Sakai.
  • After saving, within 24 hours, your updated personal email address will be visible in Sakai. (Note that Sakai is not immediately updated, but will be within 24 hours.)

Please note: If you see a ConnectMail address listed in Self-Service, then your personal email address will NOT be sent to Sakai. Sakai will use the ConnectMail address. For more info, see Non-credit Students and ConnectMail (PDF).