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Sign-Up tool

About the Sign-Up tool

Sakai's Sign-Up tool allows instructors to provide a place for students to sign-up "online" to meet for office hours, review sessions, or other types of meetings, in an easy-to-find location, on your Sakai site menu. Advisors can use the Sign-Up tool in their Sakai advising project site as well. There are three types of meetings that can be created:

  • Multiple slot meetings: Students can choose from a variety of time slots, such as 1-1:30 pm, 1:30-2 pm, 2-2:30 pm, and 2:30-3 pm.
  • Single slot meetings: Students can only select one timeslot for a meeting, such as 1-4 pm
  • Open meetings: Students don't sign-up for these meetings; it could be used as an event announcement, such as for a special speaker

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