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The Assignments tool provides the following for instructors and students:

  • Instructors can easily collect student papers or files (such as documents and pdf's)
  • Instructors can use the Turnitin feature to check student submissions for plagiarism
  • Instructors can grade submitted student papers and files online
  • Students can see their Assignment grade and instructor feedback online, at anytime


Best Practices for Assignments

Resubmitting Assignments



Turnitin is a suite of writing evaluation tools available to instructors (and students) through Sakai.

The Turnitin suite includes:

  • Similarity Reports -- helps detect plagiarism and "non-original" student writing
  • Instructor Feedback/GradeMark -- provides a "paperless-grading" system for giving students feedback on their writing

For a more in-depth overview, see the Turnitin Suite product page at

  • What do students need to know about Turnitin? Check out our Student Turnitin info
  • How do you set up Turnitin? Follow these instructions for using the Turnitin feature with the Assignments tool: Video | Handout

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