Meetings: Student User Features

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Meetings: Student (Participant) User Features

The Sakai Meetings tool is where you can participate in "live" class meetings online.
Find out what you need to be prepared, join and participate in Meetings, the Sakai web conferencing tool.

monitor displaying an online meeting filled with people's faces

What device, browser and equipment is recommended?

Computer monitor What equipment do you need to participate in an online meeting?

How do I join a meeting?

What can I do in a meeting?

Where can I find the recording after a meeting?

If your instructor records the meeting, here's where you'll find the recording:

  • Click Meetings in your class Sakai site, and then click the Recordings tab.
  • Note: Recordings do not appear immediately at the end of the meeting. It make be a few hours before it is available.

What if I lose connectivity in a meeting?

Writing on the digital whiteboard You may get disconnected from a session -- for example, if your bandwidth drops too low.

Refresh your browser if you get disconnected (or if things don't seem to be working).

  • Refreshing the browser will give you a new connection and, if the bandwidth drop was temporary, you should be able to reconnect within a few seconds to rejoin the meeting.

Wifi/Internet reminder!If refreshing doesn't work...

  • check your internet connection
  • try logging in with a different browser or on a different device

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