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Discontinued: Create Videos using the YouTube MyWebcam Tool

You can still upload videos to YouTube

But as of January 16, 2016 Google has discontinued the YouTube MyWebcam tool

YouTube’s MyWebcam was a free tool you could use to record short videos using a webcam. Instructors could use the tool to record videos and add them to Sakai courses. Videos could be used to introduce yourself to students in your classes or introduce weekly lessons or assignments.

How do Instructors use Videos with their Students?

What will my students need to view my video?

Your students will need...

  • Adobe Flash player
  • Computer speakers or headset

What do I need to record a video?

Tip: Before recording your video it’s a good idea to write a script. Save the script as a text file. You can use your script to add captions to your video.

Is there a Handout?

This Handout walks you through creating a video, uploading your transcript and generating closed captions, and displaying your video in Sakai.

Advanced Tips