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Create Videos using YouTube’s My Webcam Tool

YouTube’s My Webcam tool is a free tool you can use to record short videos using a webcam. Instructors could record videos and add them to Sakai courses to introduce yourself to students in your classes. Or introduce weekly lessons or assignments.

What do I need to record a video?

  • Gmail account
  • Webcam (some webcams have built in microphones)
  • Microphone (if your webcam doesn’t have a microphone)
  • Flash installed on your computer

Tip: Before recording your video it’s a good idea to write a script. Save the script as a text file. You can use your script to add captions to your video.

Record and upload a video

  • YouTube’s My Webcam tool
    • Log in with a Gmail account
  • Record a video. Instructions for recording a video (YouTube)
  • Enter info about the video in Basic info
    • Enter a title for your video
    • Enter a description for your video
    • Tags: Delete the webcam and video tags
    • Video privacy settings:
      • Select Unlisted (recommended setting) from the drop down list
        • Public (anyone can search and find the video)
        • Unlisted (the video is not available via search, only people with the link can see the video)
        • Private (the video is only available to you)
        • More info about video privacy settings (YouTube)
    • Click Save changes

Add captions to a video

  • In the YouTube Video Manager on the left side of the screen, click on Uploads. Find the video you want to add captions to and click Edit.
  • At the top of the screen click on Captions. Click on the + Add a new track drop down list and choose Upload a file. Click Upload to browse your computer for your script file. You’ll receive a confirmation that the transcript is syncing with the video. This may take a few minutes.
  • After the transcript is synced with the video the track will display in the Active tracks list.
  • Click Play to watch the video with captions.
  • Click on Info and Settings. On the right side of the screen look for Video Information. The Video URL: is the link to the video that you’ll add to your Sakai course. Copy this link.