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More information on how to use Proctorio once it has been added to your site is available here.........
More information on how to use Proctorio once it has been added to your site is available here: [https://durhamtcc-my.sharepoint.com/:w:/g/personal/berriers4401_durhamtech_edu/EQkShEsuBJtLpfJoiMk1nK4BXd5H2UDVGkat6PY2d-fcSQ?e=9sQwwF Proctorio Guide]
==Considerations and Requirements==
==Considerations and Requirements==

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Proctorio logo

What is Proctorio and how does it work?

Proctorio is an online proctoring system integrated into Sakai that is used in some classes to ensure a fair testing environment.

Exams that use Proctorio are labeled "Proctorio required" in Sakai.

  • On these exams, Proctorio records the student (via webcam) and their computer screen while they are taking the exam.
  • Proctorio also limits their ability to use other materials or to share exam content with others.
  • After the exam, Proctorio's automated software analyzes each student's recorded test session and flags any suspicious activity for the instructor to review. Only the instructor (and their supervisor or Sakai support staff, if needed) can view recordings.

More information on how to use Proctorio once it has been added to your site is available here: Proctorio Guide

Considerations and Requirements

Please review and consider the items below before requesting Proctorio.

  • Proctorio is intended to be used for remote assessment in Sakai in Online, Blended, and Hybrid courses, only.
  • You are strongly encouraged to visit the Proctorio for Students page to learn more about Proctorio, and how it is presented to students.
  • Proctorio does not detect and identify instances of "cheating". It is the instructor's responsibility to analyze the Proctorio Exam Results and make any judgements.
  • Syllabus Statement
  • A no-stakes Practice Exam should be offered to the class before the first official exam using Procotio in order for the students to install the Proctorio extension, resolve any technical difficulties, and familiarize themselves with the tool.

Equipment and software required

  • Laptop or desktop computer (Windows, MacOS, Linux, or Chromebook) - You cannot use a smartphone or tablet.
  • Students are also required to have a camera and microphone for testing.

If your students do not have access to the required equipment:

  • Loaner laptops (Chromebooks) are available for students taking classes that use Proctorio who do not have the required equipment. Laptops may be checked out for the whole semester. They must submit the Computer Request Form to request a loaner laptop for proctored online testing.

Requesting Procotorio

Procotrio is available by request only for Online or Hybrid & Blended courses that are issuing exams in Sakai to students testing remotely. Please visit and complete the form below prior to the date shown to ensure Proctorio is enabled for your Sakai site.

For Spring, 2022 (please submit by December 10, 2021): Proctorio Request Form

Technical support

Proctorio Support for instructors is only available through the Proctorio Gradebook, accessed through Sakai.

You can also contact sakaihelp@durhamtech.edu for general questions or assistance with any Proctorio issues.

Privacy and data security

Proctorio has built-in protections to ensure privacy and security of student data.

  • Proctorio works using a Chrome browser extension that you install on your computer. Proctorio has access to the Chrome browser only and cannot access files stored on your computer or change settings on your computer.
  • Proctorio runs only during a proctored exam. It stops running and stops recording when you submit your exam.
  • After a proctored exam, you can choose to disable or remove Proctorio's browser extension if you like.
  • All data is encrypted before transfer to Proctorio's systems and remains encrypted on Proctorio's systems.
  • Proctorio uses Zero-Knowledge Encryption, which means Proctorio employees cannot access encrypted data on their systems.
  • Only the instructor (and their supervisor or Sakai support staff, if needed) can "unlock" and view encrypted student data.

Proctorio has been certified by The IKeepSafe Coalition for meeting the highest data security and privacy standards. Proctorio is FERPA compliant (proctorio.com/ferpa) and GDPR compliant (proctorio.com/gdpr).

For more details, see Proctorio Privacy and Proctorio Data Security.

Also see the Privacy FAQs section below.


There may be limitations in Proctorio’s accessibility for students who utilize screen readers and/or keyboard navigation. If your students have concerns about their ability to use Proctorio, please direct them to contact Durham Tech's Accessibility Services office well ahead of any exams to discuss accommodations.

Proctorio's standards compliance and statement on accessibility proctorio.com/accessibility