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* Download the [http://courses.durhamtech.edu/wiki/index.php/Image:Softchalk-style-DTCC.zip Durham Tech Style Template] (zip file).
* Download the [http://courses.durhamtech.edu/wiki/images/2/2a/Softchalk-style-DTCC.zip Durham Tech Style Template] (zip file).
* Using the [http://www.softchalk.com/tours/stylebuilder_export_import/stylebuilder_export_import.html StyleBuilder] video.
* Using the [http://www.softchalk.com/tours/stylebuilder_export_import/stylebuilder_export_import.html StyleBuilder] video.

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What is SoftChalk?

SoftChalk is a powerful web lesson editor that lets you easily create engaging, interactive web lessons for your e-learning classroom.

With SoftChalk you can....

  • Create interactive web pages for your e-learning course. It's easy, quick, and your lessons will look like a professional designer created them.
  • Engage your students with lessons that include pop-up text annotations, self-assessment quizzes, and interactive learning games.
  • Package your lessons for delivery via CD-ROM, Intranet, Internet, or integrate with your LMS (Learning Management System).

If you can use a word-processing program, you can use SoftChalk. Designed for teachers and content-experts who don't have time to learn complex software, SoftChalk is simple, yet powerful, with only the features you need to create exciting, interactive, content for your online course.

SoftChalk Overview.

Getting Started with SoftChalk

SoftChalk offers hands-on, online training. Check out the SoftChalk training calendar and register for online workshops.

Couldn't attend the March 4th hands-on training workshop held on campus or need a refresher? Check out these one hour training courses. Register for SoftChalk online training workshops.

SoftChalk Basics

  • Overview of SoftChalk (1 hour)
  • TextPoppers, Images and Hyperlinks (1 hour)
  • Navigation Features and the Sidebar (1 hour)

Register for SoftChalk online workshops

SoftChalk Advanced Features

  • Interactive Learning Activities (1 hour)
  • Quizzes and SoftChalk Score Tracker (1 hour)

Register for SoftChalk online workshops

Need More Help?

Online Help Resources

Whether you’re looking for a quick way to learn more about SoftChalk or to get the answer to a question you have, SoftChalk’s online Support Center is the place for you.

From the Support Center, you can easily:

  • Access the user guide
  • Search for information in the FAQs/Knowledge Base
  • Subscribe to a specific question to be notified by email if an update is made for the question
  • Enter a help request

SoftChalk Training

SoftChalk Webinars

SoftChalk Introduction Webinars are 45 minute presentations introduce the key features of SoftChalk. View example lessons, then demonstrate how the lesson content was created using SoftChalk. Each session ends with a question and answer period. For more information or to register, go to SoftChalk Webinars

SoftChalk Short Courses

SoftChalk Short Courses are live one hour training session conducted by a SoftChalk instructor using web conferencing. The short course include a presentation and examples, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and receive assistance from the instructor. For more information or to register go to SoftChalk Training

SoftChalk Innovator Series

See how other instructors are using SoftChalk by watching the SoftChalk Innovators in Online Learning presentations. Check out brief vignettes of the presentations (5 - 10 minutes) SoftChalk Vignettes or view the full version of the presentations (1 hour each) SoftChalk Innovator Series.