Taking an online test or quiz in Sakai

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Tips for avoiding problems with online tests:

Before you begin a test:

To begin taking a test:

  • SINGLE-CLICK the link to the test. (NEVER double-click the link.)

While taking a test:

  • Do not resize your window after entering a test. (Some browsers will refresh the screen when you resize the window, and this can bump you out of your test so that you can't get back in.)
  • Do not refresh the screen or click your browser's BACK button while taking a test.
  • Be careful when using the <Backspace> key to correct errors in text boxes. (In some cases, pressing the <Backspace> key is the same as clicking your browser's back button.) Be sure that your cursor is inside the text entry box before pressing <Backspace>.
  • Depending on the settings your instructor chooses, students who attempt to view material on another web site or in another area of the Blackboard course may find themselves "locked out" and unable to return to complete the test.
  • SAVE OFTEN! If all test questions are displayed on a single screen, use the SAVE button at the bottom of the test screen (to the left of the SUBMIT button). DO NOT use the SAVE button beside each question. Scroll down and click SAVE at the bottom every 15 minutes or so as you are working on your test. But do not click SUBMIT until you are completely finished!
    • NOTE: Some instructors set their tests to display each question on a separate screen, and students use navigational buttons to move from one question screen to the next. In this case, your answer is saved automatically when you move to the next question (and there is no save button).
  • Be sure to click SUBMIT, but only when you are completely finished with the test.

I got bumped out of my test and can't get back in. What do I do?

You must contact your instructor, who will need to "clear your attempt" so you can start the test again. When the instructor "clears your attempt", any and all of your previous answers will be erased.

I keep getting locked out of tests right when I start them.

If you have problems accessing a test or quiz, "double-clicking" may be the problem. When you click the link to begin a test, be sure to use a SINGLE mouse click. You should not double-click anywhere in Blackboard--especially when accessing a test!

I clicked on the link to a test but nothing happened.

Most likely, a pop-up blocker is preventing the test from opening. Try disabling your pop-up blocker, then click the test link again. (And remember to single-click the test link.)

I see a pop-up warning after clicking the Submit button on my test. What do I do?

When you finish your test and click SUBMIT, you may see a warning box like this:


Sometimes the warning appears even if you have answered all the questions! (This can happen if you use the SAVE button beside individual questions, which is not recommended. To avoid this problem, use the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen instead.)

If you see a warning that some questions may be incomplete, do this:

  • Click CANCEL to make the warning box go away.
  • Look over your test, and make sure you have answered all questions.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click SAVE (beside the SUBMIT button).
  • When you are sure you are done with the test, click SUBMIT.

Again, if you use the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen regularly, you can avoid this problem. -->