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Required Sakai Training

Before an instructor can use Sakai (or get a course site set up on Sakai), he or she must complete the Intro to Sakai workshop.

The Intro to Sakai workshop is offered in a face-to-face format, with several sessions offered each semester. It is also offered in an online format, which is always available and can be done at the instructor's convenience. In either format, the workshop takes about 3 hours to complete, and registration is required. For details on what the workshop covers, see Intro to Sakai Basic Competencies.

Optional Sakai Workshops

The Intro to Sakai workshop is a pre-requisite for all other Sakai training workshops. Additional (optional) workshops include:

At present, the optional workshops are offered in a face-to-face format only. For those who prefer "self-study", links to workshop handouts are provided above.

Register for Workshops

  • Registration is required for all Sakai training workshops.
  • View the current training schedule including dates, times, locations, and descriptions.

Note: An email address is required to register. Instructors may register using any email address that is convenient for them to check. (It does not have to be a Durham Tech address.) We will use this email address to send workshop reminders and any "getting started" instructions.

New Employees

Full-time and part-time instructors who are new to Durham Tech must submit several forms to Human Resources BEFORE they can obtain access to college systems, including Sakai training. For details regarding forms that must be submitted before accessing Sakai or starting Sakai training, see Pre-Employment Paperwork for New Hires.

Note: After the required forms have been submitted, the new instructor's Durham Tech employee number and login ID can be created, usually within a few days. Then the new instructor will be able to log in to Sakai and begin training.

Instructors with Previous Sakai Experience

The training requirement can be waived for those who have used Sakai previously as an instructor at another institution.

  • Before requesting a training waiver, the instructor should review the Intro to Sakai Basic Competencies and make sure he/she has the skills listed there.
  • Other institutions may use different versions of Sakai or have their systems configured quite differently. Therefore we encourage those who used Sakai as an instructor at another institution to sign up for and complete Durham Tech's Intro to Sakai workshop if possible.
  • Instructors who receive a training waiver are responsible for reading and following Durham Tech's local Sakai Procedures.

To request a Sakai training waiver

The instructor's supervisor must send an email to with the following information:

  • Instructor's full legal name
  • Instructor's Durham Tech ID number (if the instructor does not have a Durham Tech ID number, see New Employees section above)
  • An email address where the instructor can be reached
  • Name of the institution where the instructor used Sakai previously as an instructor

Within a day or two of receiving the request, Durham Tech's Sakai staff will process the request and send the instructor an email with information on accessing Durham Tech's Sakai system.

I've completed required Sakai training. What's next?

  • Read the Sakai Procedures to learn important info about getting your course sites set up and making them available to students.
  • Visit Sakai Resources for lots of tips on using Sakai as an instructor at Durham Tech.
  • Check out the resources available for your students at Sakai Help for Students.