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Getting started

Printable handouts:

How to post in a forum

Taking a test or quiz in Sakai

How to submit papers or other assignments in Sakai

Understanding a Turnitin Plagiarism Report

To learn how to avoid plagiarism:

How to attend a Meeting (BigBlueButton) in Sakai

  • What is a Meeting? Is it a web conference? Yes.
  • Do I have to use a laptop or PC/Mac?
    • No, Meetings will now work on a desktop, Chromebook, and mobile clients: Chrome on Andriod (6.0+) and Safari Mobile on iPhone/iPad (iOS 12.2+).
    • Note: Don't use Microsoft Edge. It has not been updated with the required software. Do use the latest version of Chrome.
  • I'm new to web conferencing, is there a handout or a video on how to attend a meeting and set up my audio?
  • Do I have to have a headset?
    • Ask your instructor-if allowed, you can use "Listen" mode, and type in the Chat box instead.
  • Do I have to have a webcam?
    • Ask your instructor-usually you will not need a webcam.

How to add a Student page or Student Content in Sakai

For Students: How to work with Student Pages (PDF)

  • Use the step-by-step instructions above to find out how to add the following to your Student Pages:
    • Add your Student Page
    • Add a bit or lots of text
    • Display a video
    • Add links to web pages and/or documents
    • Reorder items on your Student Page
    • Find and display appropriate images

How to submit a file using Drop Box

Contact Sakai Support

Sakai support is available 24/7. See options for contacting Sakai support.