Sakai Help for Students

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Getting started

Printable handouts:

How to post in a forum

  • How do I access a forum or topic?
  • How do I create a new post?
  • How do I spellcheck my post before submitting?
  • How do I reply to another student's post?
  • How do I navigate around in the forum?
  • How do I stop receiving emails of forum posts?

Taking online tests on Sakai

  • How can I avoid problems with online tests?
  • How do I start a test (or quiz) in Sakai?
  • Are my test answers automatically saved?
  • What happens when the test timer runs out?
  • How do I see feedback after submitting a test?

How to submit papers or other assignments in Sakai

  • How do I submit assignments (such as papers) in Sakai?
  • Where do I find my grade and feedback from my instructor?
  • If my paper was checked for plagiarism, how do I view the results?