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===Allowing Your Students to Create and Share Videos===
===Allowing Your Students to Create and Share Videos===
* [[Media:InstructorHandout-Allowing-Students-Warpwire-Access.pdf|Tips for Creating Multimedia for Instruction (PDF)]] - PLACEHOLDER
* [[Media:InstructorHandout-Allowing-Students-Warpwire-Access.pdf|Allowing Students to Create/Share Videos with Warpwire (PDF)]]
===More Tips & How-to's===
===More Tips & How-to's===

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Warpwire (Create and embed videos and audio files in Sakai)

Warpwire is a streamlined, easy-to-use tool that allows instructors to quickly create and display videos in their Sakai courses.

  • After an instructor adds the Warpwire tool to their Sakai course, their course is assigned its own "Media Library".
  • In the Sakai Text Editor, such as in Lessons, instructors can click on the Warpwire icon on the Text Editor toolbar, create a video, and display their video to their students. The video is stored in the course Media Library.

Getting Started

Workshop Handouts

Allowing Your Students to Create and Share Videos

More Tips & How-to's

Recommendations for Instructors

  • Though Warpwire allows you to upload images to your Media Library, we recommend using Sakai’s image button rather than Warpwire to insert (embed) your images in Sakai.
  • When you need to create audio content, we recommend using Warpwire’s audio recorder.
    • Your students can continue using Sakai's audio recorder.
  • Due to the nature of emails, do not embed (display) videos in your Sakai emails.
  • Warpwire’s Live Broadcast feature is not supported at this time.

Student Instructions