How do I create a selfie and upload it to Sakai

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Create a "Selfie" Video (Camera Capture)

Warpwire is a multimedia platform that allows you to record, upload, and share audio and video content from within Sakai. It is supported by most web browsers and mobile devices, but we recommend using Chrome and Firefox. Warpwire does NOT recommend using Apple's Safari web browser at this time for creating "selfie" and screencasting videos.

Why create Selfie videos?

Selfie videos allow your students to see you as you speak to them. They can be useful for introducing yourself and your course to your students, as well as providing lecture content, weekly wrap-ups, and feedback. Research suggests that instructor selfie videos can positively affect student motivation.

Activate Warpwire in your Sakai course

To use Warpwire, you’ll first need to add the Warpwire tool in a Sakai site. This creates a Media Library for the site that you will use to create and access your media content. Haven’t added Warpwire to your Sakai course site? Follow these instructions to enable Warpwire in your Sakai course (This is a one-time task in each course).

Record your Selfie video!

  1. Click on Warpwire in the course menu to go to your Media Library.
  2. Click the plus (+) button, and select Camera Capture from the drop-down menu.
    If you use Chrome:
    A dialog box may appear. Click Launch Camera Capture.
    If you use Firefox:
    Your browser may ask for permission to use your computer’s camera. Click Allow.
  3. A preview of your webcam appears. To begin your recording, click Start Recording.
  4. When you’re done, click Stop Recording.
  5. In the box that appears, type a title for your video, and then to the left, click on the green Save button.
  6. The selfie video is added to your Media Library.

By default, below your video, it is marked “Unlisted”.

  • Students can’t see it yet!

For students to see your video, you must “insert” (embed) it

  • Embed your video in your Sakai site, such as in Lessons, Announcements, etc.

To Insert (Embed) a Video:

  1. In Sakai, navigate to the place where you want to insert the video.
    (You can insert a video anywhere the text editor is available. For example, in Lessons, click Add Content, then Add Text or in Announcements, click Add, etc.).
  2. In the text editor toolbar click the Warpwire icon (the icon is in the middle toolbar; it is a black circle with a white "W").
  3. The site’s Media Library appears. Locate and click the title of the video recording you want to insert. The small circle to the right should turn blue.
  4. At the bottom, click Insert 1 item. The video will be added to the Text Editor box.
  5. When done, save your changes. Your video should display; play it!