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Recommendations for Audio Files

Create and Embed Sakai Audio Files

  • When you need to create audio content, we recommend that you use Sakai's audio recorder and EMBED audio files.
    • Your audio files are limited to 3 minutes.
      • Good news: Sakai will import your Sakai audio recordings if they are embedded in Lessons and Tests & Quizzes questions.
      • Bad news: In other tools, after import, your Sakai audio files will not be available to students and you can't relink them. In other tools, you can't reuse the Sakai audio content!

Embed Audio files with Warpwire

  • If your audio file is longer than 3 minutes, or you need to reuse your audio files in other courses in several Sakai tools, you can use another audio tool to record your audio file.
    • Then upload the file to Warpwire and EMBED it in Lessons using the Warpwire audio player.
    • Good news: After import, audio files uploaded to Warpwire and embedded in Lessons will display to students.
    • Ok news: If you embed Warpwire audio files in tools other than Lessons after import, you'll need to follow the procedures for video files, and update the "links" to the audio files.

Don't Link to Audio Files

Note: Like videos, if you do NOT EMBED audio files, but link to them, the links won't work for students. After import, you can update the links to Warpwire audio files, but not to Sakai audio files.

Students and Audio Files

  • Your students can continue using Sakai's audio recorder.