Accessibility for Online Course Content

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Making Distance Learning Accessible to Everyone

Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology

The international DO-IT Center promotes the success of individuals with disabilities in postsecondary education and careers, using technology as an empowering tool.


Note remember to get docs:

This course contains a lot of information. Will I be able to access the course materials after the class has ended?

After completing the course, you have indeed absorbed a good deal of information. To help you put that new knowledge to use, we have made two documents available within the course that we hope you will find helpful.

In the Assess your Course module, you'll find a carefully prepared Checklist and a very detailed Examples handout that you can save for future reference. The Checklist covers each element discussed and will help you evaluate your content as you create your courses. The two files are designed to be used together; the Checklist has references to location in the Examples Document for each item.

You'll find that the Checklist and Examples document cover all of the concepts presented in this basic introductory course.

Course Goals & Objectives

Upon successful completion of the Fundamentals of Accessibility course, participants will have a basic understanding of the fundamental principles and practices for creating accessible course content. At the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • identify the basic components of web accessibility;
  • apply tools in Word 2010 to create accessible documents;
  • apply tools in PowerPoint 2010 to create accessible presentations;
  • recognize the importance of creating accessible media;
  • identify the components of accessible media;
  • identify accessibility concerns related to the Moodle and Blackboard LMS.

Adding Captions to YouTube Videos

It was surprisingly easy to do. (It helped that I had the transcript already.) I followed the excellent instructions explained in the video on this page: Adding Captions to YouTube Videos