Sakai Meetings for Students

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Sakai Meetings for Students

Meetings (also called BigBlueButton) is a web conferencing tool in Sakai that instructors may use to hold "live" class meetings online.

Quick Start for Students

To access a meeting on a computer (preferred): Student Instructions for Using Meetings in Sakai (PDF)
To access a meeting on a mobile device: How to Access a Meeting on Your Mobile Device (video)

What kind of device and browser do I need?

  • Desktop/Laptop: Chrome or Firefox (latest versions)
  • iPhone/iPad (iOS (12.2+): Safari
  • Android (6.0+): Chrome

Do I need a headset or webcam?

  • You do not need a headset or webcam unless your instructor requests it.
  • You need speakers so you can hear audio. (Make sure the volume is turned up.)
  • If you don’t have a microphone and need to say something, you can type in the Public Chat area.
  • You can also join by phone if needed.

How do I access my class meeting on Sakai?

  • Mobile device - View the video to learn how to join a meeting in Sakai via mobile device:

What can I do in a meeting?

After you've joined a meeting, you can view your instructor's presentation, type messages in the Public Chat, mute/unmute your microphone, and more.

For detailed info on what you can do, see page 3 of this handout:
Student Instructions for Using Meetings in Sakai (PDF)

You can also view this video to learn how to get around in a meeting:

Should I share my webcam?

  • At this time, we recommend NOT sharing your webcam unless your instructor requests it. This is to conserve bandwidth so that meetings run smoothly.
  • If you share your webcam, your instructor will see it, but your fellow students will not. However, your webcam WILL be visible to all in the meeting recording.

What if I lose connectivity in a meeting?

You may get disconnected from a session -- for example, if your bandwidth drops too low.

Refresh your browser if you get disconnected (or if things don't seem to be working).

  • Refreshing the browser will give you a new connection and, if the bandwidth drop was temporary, you should be able to reconnect within a few seconds to rejoin the meeting.

If refreshing doesn't work...

  • check your internet connection
  • try logging in with a different browser or on a different device

Where can I find the recording after a meeting?

If your instructor records the meeting, here's where you'll find it:

  • Click Meetings in your class Sakai site, and then click the Recordings tab.
  • Note: Recordings do not appear immediately at the end of the meeting. It make be a few hours before it is available.