My forum post displays as one long line. How do I avoid this?

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My forum post displays in one long line that doesn’t wrap. Why does this happen?

This problem can happen when you compose text in Google Docs and copy/paste it into the Forum. After you paste, things look fine until you click Post… and then your text displays in one long line, as shown below. (Any replies to your post will have a similar problem -- even if the person replying didn’t copy/paste from Google Docs.)


How to avoid this on future posts

In Sakai, use the Paste as plain text button when pasting text copied from Google Docs.


When you click the Paste as plain text button in Sakai, a message appears instructing you to use Ctrl-V to paste your text into a small box on the screen. Do this, then click OK. Now when you click Post, your message should display properly.

Formatting will be lost

When using Paste as plain text, any formatting (such as bold, italics, etc) that you had in Google Docs will not be transferred to Sakai. After pasting (but before you post) in Sakai, you can apply new formatting to your text using the editing toolbar within Sakai.

Alternative: Compose your posts in Microsoft Word instead of Google Docs

Durham Tech provides Office 365 (which includes Microsoft Word) for free to all students. Copying/pasting from Word to Sakai usually works well. You don’t have to use Paste as plain text, and formatting is not lost. Learn more about how students can get Office 365 for free.